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Astroboa APIs

Astroboa framework offers a Java API and a RESTful API for building content applications on top of Astroboa Content Engine.

The Java API offers full control of the content stored in Astroboa repositories providing advanced features like:

The java API is perfect for building complex content applications and with the provided astroboa-portal-commons library integrates nicely with other technologies in the java stack like JSF, RIch Faces, SEAM and SPRING.

Despite being powerful, the java API has the drawback that requires all applications to be written in Java or in a language that runs inside the JVM, like Scala or Groovy.

However, the current evolution of Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing requires more flexibility and an easy way to consume and create information resources. A way that is independent of programming languages and fits to the fluent nature of the web. The answer is RESTful interfaces and towards this direction Astroboa provides a RESTful API for creating and querying content in the repository. All objects stored in the repository are resources identified by URIs. Since everything in the repository becomes a Web Resource we also call this API a Resource API (RESTful and Resource API are used interchangeably in the documentation)  

It is highly recommended to read about Astroboa Open Content Model prior start using any of the APIs. A basic understanding of how a content model is structured will help to understand how to use the services offered through the APIs for managing content.

Any ideas on how to extend the APIs or how to improve current features are more than welcomed. Please file an improvement or a feature in Astroboa JIRA .


Last Modified: 01 August 2011
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