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Astroboa is an innovative Semi-Structured Information Platform that provides the features and standardization required by Linked Data Architectures combined with the flexibility and ease of use of noSQL Document Stores!

Model and Preserve your Content with standards

Separate content from applications and manage it into linked data repositories with dynamic schemas
Avoid the overhead and complexity of databases and work with a high level information schema. Combine the power of a Dynamic Schema with the flexibility of a noSQL store
  • Intuitive Modeling with XML Schema
  • Create Objects with any number of properties and arbitrary nesting
  • Share common properties between objects with object types and inheritance
  • Create reusable properties to share them between types
  • Start to publish content from day one with the pre-built content schema (out of the box object types that model persons, organization, documents, multimedia, web sites, web pages, templates, layouts and many more...)
  • Change Content Schema Dynamically as your needs change
  • Have your content automatically validated and preserved without ORM Mappings and complex application code

Build "Networked", instantly Shareable and SEO friendly Data Repositories without a line of code

With Astroboa you are a node in the "Web of Data". People, Search engines and Applications can read or write to your semi-structured data repositories with simple HTTP URIs, from any device, from anywhere
Use the RESTful API to:
  • Access each Resource (Items, Taxonomies, Topics) through Unique URIs with permanent and friendly identifiers
  • Navigate Through Taxonomy and Item Hierarchies with URI paths
  • Get automatically hyperlinked resources that include URI links to connected resources
  • Use powerful query expressions to search through structured data and retrieve the automatically assembled object collections
  • Read and Write your resources using XML, JSON, RSS, CSV or EXCEL
  • Generate JSONP or XMLP (output wrapped in a callback) to avoid the Same Origin Policy of Web Browsers
  • Generate microdata tags for your HTML5 web pages helping search engines to understand your linked data and ranking high in SEO friendliness

Empower your Organization with a Dynamically Adaptable Semi-Structured Data Infrastructure

Organize Knowledge and Customize it to your needs
The Astroboa Platform is:
  • Flexible. Suitable for personal projects up to complex transactional content applications
  • Adaptable. It can work with many different schemas on multiple repositories
  • Secure. It supports fine grain security at the level of individual object instances
  • Scalable. With support of replication, cashing and lazy loading it can handle millions of objects
  • Highly Available with support of clustering
  • Open & Extensible. It is offered with an open source license
  • Sustainable. It is based on Open Standards and leading Open Source technologies